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Our Rigorous Approach to Occupational Health and Safety

At Arbec Forest Products Inc., we work tirelessly to protect the health of our employees and ensure their safety in the performance of their duties. We have implemented a policy that allows us to control the various risks to make our facilities safer.

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Health and Safety Policy

Arbec Forest Products Inc. recognizes that occupational health and safety are of paramount importance to the sound management of any organization.

At Arbec Forest Products Inc. we believe that operational risks can be managed so that occupational illnesses and injuries can be either prevented or contained and that any related adverse effects can be kept to a minimum.

To comply with this principle, management is committed to providing a work environment that allows employees to perform their duties without the risk of being exposed or exposing others to undue hazards that are the source of the various constraints the company must address.

Arbec Forest Products Inc. Management Is Committed to:

  • Encouraging employee participation in the implementation of risk prevention and control programs

  • Maintaining task groups with realistic goals so they can achieve the targets set out in their prevention program

  • Supporting work to analyse the causes of occupational injuries and diseases

  • Supporting health and safety programs in the workplace

  • Encouraging and supporting any initiative related to health and safety in the non-work environment

  • Implementing and enforcing policies and procedures

  • Implementing and enforcing corporate policies

The practices and directives prescribed by Arbec Inc. must be observed so that the company can achieve its health and safety objectives for its employees.

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