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Reconciling Economic Development and Environmental Protection

Through its strict environmental and forest policies aimed at the pursuit of its economic activities while respecting the environment, Arbec Forest Products Inc. contributes to the quality of life of the areas in which it is located. Sound management of the resources used in the manufacturing of our wood products is paramount for us to ensure the sustainable development of our company.

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Environmental Policy

At Arbec Forest Products Inc. our mission is to be an integrated and profitable company of low-cost forest products, knowing how to transform the forest resource into quality, innovative and competitive products for its clientele, while preserving the environment and creating a beneficial social and cultural climate and sustainable economic environment for the regions in which it is located, the population, its employees and its shareholders.

Arbec Forest Products Inc. shares important environmental responsibilities with the community. The company supports the responsible use of resources, including forests, aquatic and terrestrial wildlife, air, land and water. Good resource management, coupled with a process of continuous improvement, ensures a better quality of life for all. It is in this spirit that Arbec Forest Products Inc. is committed to maintaining an effective environmental management system to govern its environmental attitudes and initiatives and that will benefit the environment, the community, shareholders, employees and customers.

Arbec Forest Products Inc. Demonstrates its Leadership in Environmental Matters Through Its Commitment to:

  • Carrying out activities responsibly to protect the environment

  • Evaluating, planning, constructing and operating its facilities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and other requirements to which it has subscribed

  • Setting environmental goals to continuously improve environmental performance

  • Ensuring the commitment of management and devoting the resources necessary to achieve objective

  • Ensuring sound management of forest resources

  • Promoting the harmonization of our forestry activities with the fauna and flora and ecosystems

  • Promoting the principles of reduction, recovery, recycling and re-use of residual materials

  • Raising awareness and educating employees about their responsibilities for preserving the environment

  • Communicating its requirements and policy to all employees and anyone working on behalf of the company

  • Working and collaborating with governments and the public on the development of measures and regulations based on valid and economically feasible technologies and on environmental impact analyses

  • Reporting regularly to the Board of Directors on environmental performance and conducting audits to ensure compliance with its policies and guidelines

Forest Policy

As part of its forest management and wood supply activities in public and private forests, Arbec Forest Products Inc. is committed to promoting, implementing and respecting the principles of sustainable forest management.

This commitment translates into internal practice and ongoing collaboration with relevant internal and external parties, including governments, in the implementation of the following actions:

Sustainable Forestry

Practicing sustainable forestry to meet the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs by practicing a forest stewardship ethic that integrates reforestation and management, maintenance, care and harvesting of trees in order to derive useful ecosystemic services and products, such as soil conservation, air and water quality, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, wildlife habitats, including aquatic habitats, recreation and visual quality.

Forest Health and Productivity

Ensure post-harvest regeneration, maintain the productive capacity of forest land, and protect and maintain the long-term productivity of forests and soils. Protect forests against economically or environmentally damaging levels of fire, pests, diseases, invasive alien plants and animals and other harmful agents, thereby maintaining and improving the long-term health and productivity of forests. Protect waterways and riparian environments and adopt best forest management practices to protect water quality.

Protection of Biodiversity

Develop forests to protect and promote biodiversity, including plant and animal species, wildlife habitats and types of ecological or natural communities.

Visual and Leisure Quality

Manage the visual impacts of forest operations and provide recreational opportunities to the public. Protection of sites of special interest: manage sites of great ecological, geological or cultural importance in a way that takes their particular qualities into account.

Responsible Fiber Supply Practices

Along with other forest owners, adopt and promote sustainable forestry practices that are both scientifically credible and economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

Respect the Laws

Comply with federal, provincial and local forest, environmental and social laws and regulations.


Support progress in sustainable forest management through forestry research, science and technology.

Training and Education

Improve the practice of sustainable forestry through training programs and use the services of qualified foresters in carrying out economic activities.

Community Involvement and Social Responsibility

Spreading good forestry practices to all lands through community involvement, socially responsible practices, and through recognition and respect for traditional Aboriginal forest rights and knowledge.


Broaden the scope of knowledge about forest certification under the forest management standard by documenting certification audits and making the results public.

Continuous Improvement

Continuously improve forest management practices and monitor, measure and report on results, in light of the commitment to sustainable forestry.

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