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Utility OSB Panels

Lightweight, Versatile and Easy to Handle

OSB panels are particularly suitable for non-structural applications. The ARBEC 1/4 CAT OSB is ideal for projects requiring lightweight, durable and easy to use materials.

Quality Materials

We use the same high quality wood fibers, wax and resin as our PFS TECO-certified products to manufacture each non-structural 1/4 CAT ARBEC OSB panels. Like our structural panels, our 1/4 CAT panels contain no urea formaldehyde resin (UF) and are exempt from American CARB and HUD formaldehyde emission regulations.



1/4 Gradestamp


Perfect for all your small non-structural projects such as:

  • Decorative panels

  • Ice fishing cabins

  • Sheds

  • DIY projects

  • Covering other boards or panels

  • Packaging, pallets and storage

  • Boxes and lockers

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